Clone Android TV Box

How To Clone Android TV Box (100% Working Trick)-2021/2022

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Android TV boxes have become more prevalent in recent years as the entertainment business has altered. You can bring a world of movies and music into your hands with the Android box. Choose what you want to watch, play, and listen to on the menu. Just read the How To Clone Android TV Box?

Clone Android TV Box

Cloning or copying something is the best option sometimes. We all love TV shows and movies. Some people still don’t have any idea about clone Android TV Box and its usage.

Furthermore, customers may use these Backup Android TV box Firmware to surf the internet, read the news, shop, browse social network accounts, send emails, and perform various other tasks.

Have you heard of transferring media files from Android phones and tablets to Android TV boxes? If you still don’t understand, then keep reading this content.

Android TV:

An Android TV Box, also known as an Android Box, is a compact media center that connects to a TV and uses the Android operating system to play video and games.

You may use this gadget for several tasks, including accessing the web and streaming media to your television.

An Android TV Box, like any other “set box,” such as a Sky box, a Kodi box can make any dumb screen bright. You don’t need to buy an Android TV any longer.

One of the key advantages of Android Box is that it is simple to purchase and plug into any standard screen. After that, your screen will become intelligent, and you’ll be able to download programs from the Google Play store in seconds.

How to Clone Android TV Box

The developers introduce a few options for clone Android Tv Box. Using a USB thumb drive is a popular method. However, you must transfer media content from your PC to a USB thumb drive, and you must transmit it to your Clone Android TV Box.

Backup Clone Android TV Box to PC can be a bit of a hassle. As a result, we’ll show you how to transfer files to your Android TV Box in a more convenient manner on this page. You can move content directly from your computer to your TV Box using this method. You can also look around your Android box’s contents.

To begin, go to the Google Playstore and download ES Explorer for your computer. Also, confirm that your PC and Android TV box are both connected to the same router.

It implies that they can connect to the same network. Let’s get this party started.

  • Go to Es Explorer on your Android TV Box first. The Remote Manager option will appear; press it to proceed.
  • To open the Remote Manager, click the Turn On button. Then copy the provided FTP address.
  • After that, go to your computer. Then pick ‘Add a network location’ from the right-click menu on your PC.
  • To continue, click Next two times.
  • After that, type the app’s FTP address.
  • Finally, pick Next to proceed.
  • In this step, you must give the network location a name.
  • After that, click Finish to complete the transaction.

You may now use your computer to explore the content of your Android TV box. You can also copy files directly from your PC to your Android TV Box.

Final Words:

It would help if you first comprehended the question, “What is an Android TV Box?” as well as how to clone an Android TV Box. Also, you can find the cloning benefit.

Do you believe we left anything out when it comes to Android TV Box Share Files? Kindly leave us a message about any query or suggestion. We will try our best to add them. So thanks for visiting our site to learn How to clone android tv box.

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