Set SD Card as default

How To Set SD Card as Default? Latest Tips In 2021

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Is it a good idea to make the SD card the default storage option for phones and computers? How can I make SD the default storage device? To find out why to read the rest of this piece. This article helps you able To Set SD Card as Default.

Set SD Card as default

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Consider These Points Before Making Set SD Card as Default your Storage

Many individuals wish to use a Set SD card as default to extend the storage space on their phones and PCs. It is possible to accomplish this.

However, before we teach you how to set SD cards as default storage on Android and Windows 10, it’s essential to understand the advantages and drawbacks.

The Good Features & Benefits

The Storage Expansion

There are several apps to install on phones and large films and songs to download, all of which consume the phone’s internal capacity.

Low memory alerts will appear on laptops with small eMMC or SSD drives after a few months. Although these drives are labeled 32GB or 64GB, the actual usable space is 2-4GB less.

In addition, we will divide the 32 or 64GB storage capacity into other necessities.

  • OS installation: depending on the OS version and build, it will take up 2-6 GB of space. To discover more about the size of Windows 10, click here.
  • The Windows update package will eat up another 6-12GB of disc space.
  • Windows Recovery Partition will take up an additional 4-6GB of space for system recovery files.

Money-Saving Trick

Purchasing a large-capacity SD card is substantially less expensive than buying a new phone or hard drive.

Power Saving Benefit

SD card doesn’t require much power in an android phone or tablet. It is also a good feature of setting SD cards as default.

Problems in case of Setting SD Card as Default

There are valuable features of setting SD cards as your default storage, but some issues are also available. These problems are as follows.

Apps don’t work without an SD card.

When you remove the SD card from the phone, some SD cards allow you to install apps, but all of the apps vanish when you remove the SD card from the phone.

Phone Performance Affects Negatively

Setting SD card as a default makes phone performance slow and sometimes inactive. SD cards read and write data more lifeless than the phone’s internal memory and the hard drive on your computer, especially true if you transfer some programs to a low-quality SD card – loading times, refresh rates, and sync speeds will all suffer.

How To make Set SD card as default storage?

Follow the instructions.

  • Insert your SD card into your phone first
  • Wait for its loading, and you will get a notification on your phone
  • Visit your phone’s storage setting.
  • Format the SD card. It will erase all the data that existed on it previously.
  • Slow speed SD card notification will appear
  • Click on the OK button
  • Done you can have a complete set SD Card as default.

That is all there is to it. Your phone’s default storage will be your SD card. Photos, movies, and downloads will all go straight to the storage device.

Because we encrypt the SD card to its host device, the data on the storage device will be unreadable by any other devices once you designate it as default storage. Furthermore, do not remove the SD card without first selecting Eject.

Final Words:

Did you ever set your SD card as your phone’s primary storage? If no then follow the above process to do this. Also, think about its drawbacks before starting the procedure. Hopefully, after reading this article you able to set SD card as default. Also, Check How To Run APK Files on a PC.